UFI: Exhibitions generate US$325 billion in 2018

Paris, 23rd April: UFI, The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, released a new report, Global Economic Impact of Exhibitions, calculating the total global economic impact of exhibitions. According to the report, exhibitions generated €275 billion (US$325 billion) in total output globally in 2018.

UFI worked with Oxford Economics to produce the report and was also supported by SISO (Society of Independent Show Organisers). The exhibition sector generated direct GDP of €68.7 billion (US$81.8 billion) during the year. In 2018, some 32,000 exhibitions involved 303 million visitors and over 4.5 million exhibitors across more than 180 countries. A total of €167 billion (US$198 billion) was generated from direct spending and jobs that are specifically involved in planning and producing exhibitions, and for participants and exhibitors to travel to exhibitions, as well as other exhibition-related spending.