Made-in-China’s revenues and profits fall in 2018

Nanjing, 1st February: Last week, Focus Technology, the holding company of, reported its financial results for the year ended 31st December 2018. Total revenues were US$127 million in the year, which represents a year-on-year decrease of 28%. Net profit for the year recorded a decline of 23% down to US$8.2 million. The diluted earnings per share in 2018 were RMB 0.24 (US$0.035).

More than 40% of its total revenues were generated from membership fees on the platform amounting to US$53 million. This represents an increase of 2.5% compared to last year. The next largest business segment was “value-added services” which account for 20% of total revenues (US$25 million). That is a modest decrease of just 1.6% year-on-year. The remaining revenues were generated from Made-in-China’s insurance commissions (US$21 million), verified supplier services (US$9.3 million) and other smaller non-core businesses.