revenues and profits both increase

Nanjing, 26th August: Shenzhen-listed Focus Technology, which owns and operates B2B trading platform,, has recently announced its financial results for the six months ended 30th June 2017. Revenues were US$93 million, an increase of 118% compared to the first half last year. Net income grew by 73% year-on-year, reaching US$4.9 million. Diluted earnings per share in the first half were RMB 0.14 (US$0.021).

The Nanjing-based company generated the majority of its revenues through its online sourcing platform, About 46% of total revenues were generated from products sales on that platform, amounting to US$42 million. Membership fees generated US$26 million, representing 28% of total revenues. The company’s value-added services generated US$10 million or 11% of total revenues.