Penang’s business events generate US$256m in 2017

Penang, 8th February: The Penang Convention & Exhibition Bureau (PCEB) recently released its 2017 business event industry review. As part of that exercise, the PCEB reported that Penang’s business events generated about one billion ringgit (US$256 million) of economic impact in 2017.

Last year, Penang hosted a total of 2,511 events, up from 1,251 events held in 2016. A total of 267,518 participants attended those events. According to PCEB CEO Ashwin Gunasekeran, PCEB supported 94 international and national events in 2017, compared with just 37 events supported in 2016.

The full 2017 review consists of statistics and comparisons of all the sectors and markets that contribute to the business events industry in Penang. It also highlights PCEB’s initiatives and achievements throughout 2017.

Source: TTGmice article