Philippines announced details of MICE Roadmap

Philippines, 23rd January: This week, the Philippines released further details regarding its MICE Roadmap designed to attract more business events to the country. Some of the new measures include reducing the cost of organising business events as well as addressing a variety of other issues that hamper the development of the local business events industry.


To reduce the cost of doing business, the Philippines have eliminated its “common carriers” tax and billings tax. Both the government and private sector will form a technical working group to develop policies, improve infrastructure, and share data aimed at supporting the industry.


According to media reports, the Philippines plans to attract more business events groups from Asia. The region accounts for 70% of its foreign visitor arrivals. The Philippine Association of Convention/Exhibition Organizers and Suppliers (PACEOS) will help the industry to liaise with local government. According Monette Iturralde-Hamlin, a member of the PACEOS board, the average spend of business events delegates was six times that of ordinary tourists.


Source: TTGmice article