Alibaba Group’s profit jumps 146% in Q2

Hangzhou, 2nd November: Last week, the Alibaba Group released its results for the quarter ended 30th September 2017. The company posted total revenues of US$8.3 billion, up 61% year-on-year. Meanwhile, the group’s net income in the quarter jumped 146% reaching US$2.6 billion.


Revenues from Alibaba’s B2B business in China, primarily generated through, grew by 19% to US$258 million. Its international B2B business, primarily operating on, generated revenues of US$248 million, a 10% year-on-year increase. In total, B2B revenues in the quarter accounted for 6.1% of overall revenues. Revenues from its cloud computing services were US$447 million, which represents a 99% increase over the same quarter in 2016. The cloud computing business now accounts for about 5.4% of the group’s total revenues.


For the six-months ended 30th September, the group generated revenues of US$16 billion, an increase of 58% year-on-year. Net profit grew 121% in the six-month period, rising to US$4.7 billion. Diluted earnings per share in the period were RMB 12.43 (US$1.87).


Separately, Alibaba Group announced the launch of a new eWTP (Electronic World Trade Platform) in Malaysia. This represents its first eWTP hub outside of China. The new eWTP hub will offer Malaysian SMEs services including e-commerce sales, logistics support, cloud computing, mobile payment platforms and talent training.


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