Alibaba’s Tmall World targets overseas Chinese

Hangzhou, 12th June: As part of its globalization strategy, the Alibaba Group has announced the official launch of Tmall World, with the aim of connecting the 100+ million overseas Chinese market with the more than 1.2 billion products on its flagship Mobile Taobao app as well as on its other online platforms.

Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia were named as the priority markets for Tmall World. Alibaba plans to rapidly expand the product categories covered and the group also plans to launch a Tmall Supermarket in Hong Kong.

Taobao and Tmall already have strong market penetration with Chinese users in Singapore and Malaysia. In addition, last year, Alibaba made a significant investment in the Lazada Group, the leading e-commerce platform serving Southeast Asia. The group also recently launched the “Taobao Collection,” a service targeting non-Chinese speakers in Singapore and Malaysia.

Source: Alibaba Group press release