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Asian Business Media Tracker Service

Our comprehensive subscription service, the Asian Business Media Tracker. Subscribers will gain access to research, market intelligence, and analysis covering all aspects of business media in Asia. This is an essential new tool for senior executives at B2B publishers, exhibition organisers, exhibition venue operators, venture capital, private equity groups and trade promotion bodies.

Our annual subscription service includes the following items:

  1. Regular newsletter: 52 weeks newsletter
  2. Company profiles: one company profiles per month
  3. Market report : focus on business media

Free Trial Subscription for 4 weeks*,which trial subscriber will receive our newsletters free of charge for four weeks plus a selected research report worth up to US$750. If you are interested in the free trial subscription or want to know more about the service, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Evan Li by email at or by tel at +852 2525 6165.

4-weeks free trial offer is limited to ONE user per company group.



BSG's Media Newsletter is distributed free every Friday via email. It provides a concise summary of news about the B2B media and events around Asia.

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